NANAFRUIT Premium Dried Fruit Snack 

"Healthy Fruit Snacks"

Product of Thailand to worldwide market

Nanafruit contributed by the aim to bring Thai fruit to be well known in the worldwide market because we both love and proud of our local. Our dried fruit products made with premium ingredients, selected from the local farms together with an advanced dehydration technology that we used, thus, to be known for "Premium quality dried fruit" which is good for both physical and mental health.

nanafruit dried fruit   

Dried fruit snacks


dried fruit benefits

dried fruit nanafruit

Dried Fruits 

Our dried fruit products were not only selected from premium quality fresh fruit, but we also have an advanced dehydration technology and process that are recognized by international manufacturing standards to keep as much nutrition from fresh fruit as possible.

dried fruit

freeze dried nanafruit

Freeze Dried Fruits

Our freeze-dried products are made from 100% real fruit. By our freeze-dried process, we are trying to remain nutrition from real fresh fruit as much as we can to serve the best quality product to our customers. Freeze-dried fruit contains various benefits. For example, Vitamins that help in immune development.

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dried fruit snack

Level up your normal meal
Paring our dried fruits with others like yogurt or milk

dried fruit ingredient

Our dried fruits as a baking ingredient
make your recipe to be more nutrient-rich

ready to go snack

Enjoy as a healthy snack
of all time!


Best Seller

Dehydrated Strawberry 50g

฿ 65 ฿ 65
Best Seller

Dehydrated Mango 50g

฿ 65 ฿ 65
Best Seller

Dehydrated Dragon Fruit 70g

฿ 88 ฿ 88
Best Seller

Cube freeze dried Mango 20g

฿ 75 ฿ 75
Out of stock


Besides our domestic market (Thailand), we are mainly focus in an export market too. Currently we have been distributed to several countries around Asia and nearby which is still intend to explore for more. By the aim of being "Products of Thailand to worldwide market"

nanafruit dried fruit export

If you find our products are just right to you please don't hesitate and feel free to contact us.
We are waiting for you to be our distributor and let's grow together!

dried fruit export


We have an advanced dehydration technology and process that are recognized by international manufacturing standards which you can ensure in the quality of products.

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nanafruit dried fruit
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