Healthy Tropical fruit product from Thailand to worldwide market

Premium Raw Material

Premium quality fresh fruits selected from local farms that grow with love and care.

International Standard

Manufacturing process recognized by International Standards that are safe and clean.

Fruit Product Innovation

Produce all product from natural through by dynamic innovation.

Nanafruit's 2024 Exhibition

Healthy life begins with NANAFRUIT

Nanafruit proudly presents high quality dehydrated fruits.

Our products are the best selected fruits from local farmers in Thailand.

Hygiene is our top priority in the manufacturing process.


Dried Whole Longan Factory

More than 20 years of experience

Dehydrated Fruit Factory

The Premium quality of

dehydrated fruit.

Puree and Frozen Fruit Products

Chocolate coated Products

Freeze Dried Fruit Products

Vacuum Fried Products

Healthy Seasoning Products



Making your meal more wonderful and healthy.

Open up a new experience of seasoning,

that give you more than a delicious taste.

No Sugar Added


Plant Based

No Preservative

Sweetened by Natural Longan

Proudly in the identity

of being a local fruit

Nanafruits admirably strengthens the Thai Fruits in the aim of bringing them to the renowned worldwide market since we are proud of our locals and fond in love with the unique products.

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