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Nanafruit is the best fruit snack for who loving a snack and concern about your health. We product it with Love and care.

Nanafruit Baby

A Kids snack making by Freeze Dried Fruit with 100% from Real fruit.

No Sugar added

No preservative

for 1 years +

Lala Snack

Dehydrated Fruit for Tourist market with selected by Nanafruit

Bulk Pack Product

Bulk pack for all market

New Product

Chocolate Coated

The wonder combination of deliciousness of Dehydrated Fruit and Premium Chocolate.

Longan Seasoning

A helper that makes meals for people who are

allergic to MSG more delicious.

3 Flavors Made

  1. Original Flavors
  2. Chinese braised
  3. Vegetable Flavors


The Wholesale price for Domestic and International market


Let's us support your business by our premium quality product

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