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Nana Fruit Company Limited is one of the companies of RK Group, We see that farmers

in this area have income from planting longan in only 4 months a year.

Therefore, we encourage farmers to try to grow other types of fruits. In order to obtain full-year income.

Nana Fruit Co., Ltd. purchases various fruit products from farmers. As a result, farmers have a stable income

and occupation so they can improve their quality of life.

Consumers may also be able to choose nutritious snacks.

The dried fruit brings love and pride among Thai people.

Through careful selection, invention and development, we can maintain the fresh flavor of the fruit, which can be called Thai dried fruit products, nutritious to both body and mind.


To be well recognized as the world's leading brand who provides exceptional quality of

Thai fruit products;

while maintaining the unique tastes & flavor.


Determining our intention to Produce high quality products from genuine fruits with safety and compliance to the laws and regulation provides punctuality delivery, continuously developments that can meet International Standards.

Thus, acceptable around the globe. 


We have an advanced dehydration technology and process that are recognized by International Manufacturing Stands which you can ensure in the high quality of products.

Brand Under Nanafruits

Our Service

Retail and Bulk Pack

Retail pack under Nanafruit, Lala Snack and Nanafruit Baby brands and Bulk Pack to serve customer in Domestic market and International market.


Selling in bulk pack for support every market and industry by Our quality product.


To support your dream we have an OEM service for product your brand come true.

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