Nana Fruit Company Limited is one of the companies of RK Group, which is a Thai Dried Longan production and export company. We see that farmers in this area have income from planting longan in only 4 months a year. Therefore, we encourage farmers to try to grow other types of fruits. In order to obtain full-year income. Nana Fruit Co., Ltd. purchases various fruit products from farmers. As a result, farmers have a stable income and occupation so they can improve their quality of life. Consumers may also be able to choose nutritious snacks. The dried fruit brings love and pride among Thai people. Through careful selection, invention and development, we can maintain the fresh flavor of the fruit, which can be called “Thai dried fruit products, the nutritious to both body and mind”.


The dried fruit of Thailand brings the love and pride among Thai people

Through careful selection, invention and development in a very careful process, we provide you with the highest quality of dried fruit. Also known as

“Thai dried fruit products, the nutritious to both body and mind”. 


Our Ingredients 

We select premium materials directly from local farmers carefully
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 With international production standards

 The production control in each process is clean, safe, and can be checked at every step
dried fruit standards

Our goal is to provide more
choices for customers
 During the production process, we can maintain the benefits and freshness of our dried fruits.
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We value and care about the production’s quality of each Nana Fruit product.

Choose from the best raw materials. The process of dehydration is the process of draining the water from the fruit,

reducing the humidity and allowing the product to be stored for a longer period of timeand still as fresh as a real fruit.

Under international production standards, our products contain no toxic substances and preservatives.

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